The Alentejo region presents unique and very unique characteristics, resulting from a combination of the natural heritage and the historical heritage of cultures that have passed here.

The Alentejo landscape thus reflects the passage and use of the soil by the different peoples who left their testimonies here, shaping and sculpting the Alentejo plains that we could contemplate today, wandering gently among the cork oak and holm oaks, olive groves, Vineyards, whose millennial presence means that the Alentejo region is still directly related to viticulture, and that this is strongly rooted in the traditions and culture of the Alentejo people.

For Alentejo 6 Senses the wine culture is worthy to be discovered, enhanced and experienced. Among the many riches of the Alentejo, we intend to emphasize the ethnographic heritage of the region, especially what is related to Alentejo wine, using it as a pretext to promote and make known the Alentejo region.

Taking advantage of the Alentejo’s privilege to be one of the largest wine producing areas in the country, our offer is very diversified and you can choose between all the territory of the Alentejo Regional Wine, culminating in themed tours that make us plunge in full in the Alentejo soul and provide us with experiences of local ethnography